Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday morning.....

Making a little progress
on my little book.
This piece is called Be Still My Little Heart.
Once again I ran right out of thread.
Isn't the wool absolutely lovely?

I got a sample envelope and tried to
print it myself.  It did rather well
until I tried to send it back through with
the sentence at the bottom.
I'm going to order 100 of them
tomorrow - hopefully they will sell like hotcakes!
And we got ourselves
this little guy

He was a gift from the folks
where my husband volunteers at their farm.
He is a very busy puppy......
Have a great day!
Elizabeth Ann



paulette said...


Carol said...

Awww... what an adorable new helper you have, Liz!! What's his name?

You'll have to do some puppy-themed designs now :) Very sweet heart you've created on that lovely wool!

Judy said...

Beautiful wool..nice progress on the little book. And what an adorable puppy!

Judy heartland stitcher