Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Harvest Time.....

Harvest is happening all around us now...
On our way to church on Sundays,
we go right through the farmlands
of the Treasure Valley.
A couple of Sundays ago,
there were men picking pumpkins
now those same pumpkins are
at our grocery stores.
This is my little harvest,
a tall skinny pumpkin,
a tall skinny pear and a beautiful leaf.
The pear has an embroidery stitch
that I use to use a lot when I designed
cross-stitch - a woven spider web,
which is probably my all time favorite
to stitch.  At first it looks like
a mess and then a few more
rounds and you have a perfect
little circle of thread.
I added a stem and some leaves to
make a beautiful little sunflower...
Once again I used the beautiful threads
from The Gentle Art & The Threadgatherer.
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

Very nice and that stitch is so beautiful!!

Carol said...

Very nice "harvest," Liz!! And I love the falling leaves on your blog, too :)