Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday morning.....

I finally got this project
started and this morning got
just a little bit excited,
well maybe a lot excited.
I had in my head to do something
like a Rustic Farmhouse theme
but of course nothing came together.
I stared at every piece of fabric
in that store, the ladies
that worked there,
keep asking me if they could help.....
Then at the very first place
I started looking, I found
this little collection
of fabrics that just
spoke to me.
Of course when I brought them home the
rustic farmhouse theme didn't quite work out.
But this morning the drawings
all just poured out
and now we have
The Old Farmhouse.
Just picture:
an old farmhouse,
a herb garden,
tin bucket with lavender,
an old mother hen,
tulips on the old kitchen table,
and just a few other things....

All the pretty fabrics will
turn into a 9 Patch quilt with
5 inch woolly blocks tucked in
here and there....
I wish I could make it all up in one day.....
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Those fabrics look yummy, and your plan for them sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it. Are you finished yet?

linda said...

It sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see a peek or two.