Thursday, December 12, 2013

5th Day of Christmas Joy....

This little 3' tree is
full of memories

When the kids were little I
made them an ornament and bought
a wooden ornament of some type every year....

We had wonderful Christmas
boutiques back in the day - everything made by
an artist.
See the little Let It Snow ornament?
Its dated 1997 and signed by Cherise.....
the hanger is a little wire heart.
And then wonderful friends send
ornaments in the mail, this one came
from Washington....

And these are the ornaments made when the
kids were really little, I still have
the McCall's pattern that I used,
can't seem to throw that away...

See the little house with the dolly?
My mother-in-law bought that for our

There's Mrs. Claus resting in her rocker...
Now for a real treat!
1 cup butter (don't skimp)
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Mix these ingredients together and then add
2.25 cups flour, 1/4 tsp salt
and 3/4 cups chopped nuts (I don't use the nuts)
Chill dough
Roll in 1" balls, bake in a 400 degree oven for
10 to 12 minutes - don't let them brown.
Roll in powder sugar as soon as you take
them out of the oven - Enjoy!
Elizabeth Ann
P.S. Thank you for all the nice comments!


Lori said...

Precious ornaments with so many memories!!

Carol said...

Such a fun little tree--I like the raffia strings on it, too! Snowballs are my husband's favorite--not sure if he'll get any this year, but I'll try :)