Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday morning.....

Blog is still not uploading pictures,
I read this morning
about other bloggers with problems.
One lady is rebooting her blog,
heck I'm lucky just to write a blog,
not sure how it works.
A lot of ladies are just going to Facebook
and leaving their blog behind.
I love my little blog
for sure don't want it to disappear!
I hope you will be patient
and not disappear....

My last post was done from Word
and it makes part of the blog
disappear when I post something
but for now that's what I will have to use.
Hopefully Blogger will
get the problems fixed soon
I can get back to sharing
what I love to do....
For now I am working on
pieces to go to the Nashville
Needlework Show next month!
Have a great week.....
Elizabeth Ann


Lida said...

Look of the time on your computer is set correct, that is sometimes the problem! Hope you can show your creations soon again! Love the littke pincushion and wish you lots of success in Nashville!

Gayle said...

I sure hope you can get the problem fixed - I love blogs a LOT more than facebook so I'm not wanting to make the switch - good luck

Lori said...

So it is photos you cannot load? Have you tried loading them through HTML as well?

Judy said...

Wish I could help...I love to visit your blog. I guess facebook would be ok, but like the blogs better. Seeme there is always something to deal with when on the computer.

Judy Heartland stitcher