Sunday, February 16, 2014

Antique Quilt Pincushions.....

I think of all the quilt patterns
that I have seen over the years 
Whig Rose is my favorite, 
I should say applique quilts.......
This pattern took me almost 5 hours
yesterday getting it drawn down
to a 7 inch square 
have the flowers easy
to cut out and look pretty.
Tomorrow I will start the embroidery
on it and hopefully have it
done by the end of the week.

In the evenings and some very cold
days I have been working on an
old project.
January is my month to finish
some project that has been folded
and stored away for awhile.
I'm sure none of you dear ladies
have projects that are resting in some
dark, cold container........
I started this afgan when I worked at 
the university in Oklahoma. 
We had a wonderful yarn shop in 
town and I can't seem to avoid beautiful
yarns, threads, fabric, linen
so I got myself into a big project.
But good news as soon as I can buy
4 more skeins of yarn this lovely piece
will be done this year!
The hardest part is having to crochet around
the edge of the 12 inch knitted square
have them all turn out to the same size.....

    I think I have figured out a way 
to make it go a little faster 
& the sewing will be a breeze..............
I hope you all have a wonderful week,
we are in the 40's now and have 
seen the sun for the first time in a very 
long time - makes a person smile!
Elizabeth Ann
P.S. I hope you all had a wonderful
Valentine's Day - I got a package of yummy
cookies, I do love cookies.........    


Lori said...

Love your wool project and the afghan is beautiful!!

Carol said...

Oh, that afghan is going to be stunning, Liz!! Good luck with finishing it up :) And I hope you're enjoying those Valentine's cookies (if there are still any left--ha ha!!)...