Friday, February 7, 2014

Woolly Quilt Blocks.....

Small fun quilt blocks,
don't have a name for them yet.
Lovely fabrics, wools and threads....
We are snowed in again but
I see we are going to warm up soon
get rain!
Idaho generates its own electric power
so we need all the
snow and rain we can get!
I hope you all
have a nice warm, fun
Valentines Day is right around the corner,
do you have big plans??
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

Super cute blocks, Liz! No plans for Valentines day. Probably fix a nice romantic dinner at home.

Carol said...

Oh, they turned out beautifully, Liz!! I'm hoping you get lots of rain to power up everything out your way :) Us? More snow, snow, snow :(