Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Antique Quilt Pincushions.....

Well here I am again,
had just the best time in Washington.
When I flew in, the sun was
shinning on the Sound
and the sun was shinning in my
window on the plane,
I hear that is odd for Washington....
If I ever hit the lotto I would buy
myself and one other person a 
house on the Sound or maybe a house
on one of the islands so I could take a 
ferry everyday across it!
When I got home I promptly got 
sick so today is the first day
my head is not so cloggy so I feel like drawing
and cutting fabric.
I need to get with it now,
Shop Hop is coming and Spring Market is 
coming right behind it.
This pincushion piece is based on
an old Baltimore Album quilt,
I so hope you like it!
Tomorrow I can start the embroidery!
Have a great rest of the week....
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Let me know when you move to one of the islands on Puget Sound, and I'll come be your neighbor! I'd love to ride the ferry every day, too. It's so beautiful out there. When will you be selling the patterns for the pieces you showed on Feb 7 and Feb 12th??????

Lori said...

I grew up very close to the sound and rode the ferry a lot. It's still a bit too wet for me to ever want to move back. Glad you had a wonderful time.
I love your new piece.

Carol said...

So glad to read you enjoyed your Seattle visit, Liz, but I'm sorry to read you've been sick--ugh! Hope the warmer weather gets rid of that nasty cold very soon :)

Your newest design is so pretty--gorgeous color choices!