Tuesday, April 22, 2014

June Woolly Block

 Antique Quilt Block & Pincushion for June
April, May, June Blocks
When I put the borders on and pressed the pieces,
I just was amazed how pretty they turned out.
The girls at Cindy's Quilt Shop came up
with this idea to applique the wool
pieces on cotton fabric
I tell you I am loving ever bit of it.
In fact my little quilt I started before Christmas 
is going to be done the same way now,
if  I could only do two things 
at one time....
The redbird is still my favorite, although that
gold vase is very pretty....
Elizabeth Ann


Carol said...

That is going to be one very special quilt, Liz!! I, too, love how it's turning out and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the months :)

Lori said...

Very pretty! I love combining wool and cotton.