Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday afternoon.......

I think I need a secretary just to handle
the passwords I need to have to 
make everything work correctly....
I bought a new little tablet 
last weekend and its taken me all week
to figure out where in the world the 
internet is on it....
You can tell we don't have any kids 
living in this house!
No need for cash registers anymore
just a little tablet and a little 
square thing on top and your set!
If you bring cash to the show
(which I still don't know if I have a spot)
I will have to send Leslie down to the 
nearest bank to get change for you...
(not really....)
Anyway we are collecting and 
Dale is making the sweetest props for 
the patterns to sit in.
I'm sure when the ladies walk in the booth,
they will want everything in site!!!

I have settled on a name for the little quilt
its 56 x 61 inches
will come in two parts.
The first part will have most of 
the cute little wool appliques so if a person
doesn't want to make a whole quilt they can just
buy this part.
and the name I settled on -
At The Woolly Farm
I'm sure you were just waiting
to hear that bit of wonderful news.... :)
All the computer work is done, all we need
is some beautiful quilting
and I am on to something new!

Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann

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