Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday afternoon......

Meet Mr. T.C. Snow,
Mr. Snow himself.....
I just realized he needs buttons 
on his shoes...

I promised myself I was 
going to be good this
year and not decorate for fall
until September 1st
I just heard the sounds of football
coming from the den,
so does that open the door
for decorating???
Its so nice here today, 80
and nice big white fluffy clouds
floating overhead,
it would be just so perfect 
to get all those bins
out and make the house
all cozy for fall....

I hope you all are having a 
great day!
Elizabeth Ann

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

He is very, very cute. I have been putting off the decorating until September too. Even though, I would love to start this week.
We will still be 100 this week.
I just love fall decorating. I hope you are back to normal now. Thank you for stopping by my blog today.