Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Days and Counting......

Ok this is the week, 
really did you hear me counting the 
days or hours before now???
I try not to think about it all
just keep printing patterns.
I got this little idea
sometime late last night
or early this morning
my friend Mr. Dale
whipped it right out!!
Isn't it cute?  Lets just hope
there is room in the booth for it.
Going to try to hang patterns on it,
if you should have a great
idea how we could go about it,
just let me know....
Thank you for your kind comments
about Pumpkin Pie,
I'm pretty excited about it.
The quilting is pretty awesome, wish
you could see it better but brown
fabric is just like that, hides all the 
pretty quilting.
You all have a great week,
once I get to Portland on Wednesday,
I plan on having an awesome time!
If your coming to the show, 
please come and say HI!
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

If I make it, You can count on me tracking down you and your booth!!

sunny said...

Oh how I wish I could be there. Good Luck, and remember to HAVE FUN!!!

Farm Girl said...

Have fun and how I wish I could go. It would be so much fun to see your booth and see all of these beautiful quilts in person. Have fun!!!

Carol said...

Have a great time, Liz! Be sure and take lots of photos to share with us :)

Judy said...

How exciting for you Liz, the time is here! I am sure your booth will be the cutest. Enjoy!

Judy Heartland stitcher

marie said...

Good Luck, hope you have wonderful sales. Not sure I'll make it, but if I do, will be sure to stop by your booth.