Friday, January 9, 2015

Woolly Bunnies....

 I found the perfect 
wool for my little bunny
all I need is more thread,
you remember I'm sure
how I am always running out.....
I am ready to start
the embroidery....
 I went to the fabric 
store today to get some blue
yes blue fabric 
this is what I came home with....
Can you just imagine what
the wools are going to be???
This would be the 
perfect quilt to work on
today, cold and foggy here....
Been working on fixing up
my little office too.....
Have a wonderful weekend!
Elizabeth Ann


Farm Girl said...

What pretty fabric! I love those bright yellows. Your office is going to be very nice.
Thank you so much for that pattern. It is so lovely. I can't wait to make it.

Karen S said...

I hope that's an Easter project on the go. Love the yellows. Very cheerful!

Carol said...

Oh, the bunny start is so cute, Liz! You always find the best wools and I love the yellows to brighten up this winter season. Lovely choices :)

I'm sure you're enjoying every moment in your new office...