Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday afternoon......

 Five weeks until 
Spring Quilt Market....
I'm not so scared anymore, after all
I am way way way in the back of the 
convention center, 
and you know all the action is
in the Moda row!

The quilts are now at the quilter's,
can hardly wait to see what 
she does with them.
I left the borders alone,
I think I was just tired of 
working on it, it was a lot of 
sewing in a couple of weeks.
Now I trying to figure out how to
make a 6' long table 
look absolutely wonderful -
(1st Picture)
The goal is to make those shop 
owners leave with a little bit of everything!
I found a grocery store by my hotel
room that has lots of beautiful 
fresh flowers and box lunches!
So the table will have a cute bouquet
I can have lunch without leaving 
the booth (very important)....

 Needed a little bit of
sewing to keep myself calm.
Nothing like a pink sheep 
pink bunny to do the trick!
 Thank you sweet ladies for
leaving a comment about my
quilt -
The name will be.....
Autumn in New England
And I like to thank Kay for writing me
and helping with the market questions.
She has been to market quite a few times 
to help another designer so she knows
all about it.  I appreciate the time 
she took to write me several times.
So all I have left 
is to print patterns 
clean the house....
(so very important)
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann


Patti said...

Glad to help :)
Good luck with market! I am sure your booth will be awesome!
Blessings, Patti

Lori said...

How exciting! I like the name of the quilt.

sunny said...

The perfect name! I went back and reread the comments from your previous post, and I like the idea of revisiting New England for other seasons! Good Luck at Market!