Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day Six of Christmas Joy.....

 Took some pictures
a few things 
in the bedroom
this morning,
still cloudy
but at least the snow
is gone for a few days...
 I got this cabinet
this fall,
wasn't sure if I like
the color 
I absolutely love it now!
Have you tried overnight oatmeal
I made a sample 
of just plain
then I added 
cranberries & walnuts
when I heated it.
All I can say is YUM!
I'm going to try 
this carrot one next,
whipped cream looks
pretty tempting too.....
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Love your stocking! And I love oatmeal. I usually add walnuts, but I've never thought of cranberries. I'm definitely making oatmeal next week.

Carol said...

Oh, that oatmeal looks yummy--love it with nuts! Your cabinet is great--glad it has grown on you :)