Friday, June 25, 2010

Good afternoon!
Its Friday, the house is clean, dinner is done and I can sew until 10! I hope your Friday is going well. This morning while I was out watering and pulling weeds I was thinking about where we where last year at this time. We where living in a small duplex on the University campus - the only good thing about it was I only had to drive a mile to work and Jerry could go to all the baseball and basketball games. Boy was it hot in that little place! The 4th of July was coming and all my decorations where packed in a storage unit, I needed one little thing so off to Hobby Lobby I went. Hobby Lobby is a wonderful store that has decorations and craft goodies and everything goes on sale sooner or later. The pumpkins are in stock now but I have been good so far and will wait until August to go see what they have... I hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening, we are watching college baseball playoffs. I'm not very good with sports but I do like that TCU team with the purple uniforms, Jerry's team lost last night so he has lost interest but is still watching......

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