Monday, July 12, 2010

Can You Tell ME??

My husband and I moved last fall into our new little house, we moved but the house was far from finish.... We had no running water, (well 1 toilet worked), no wood floors, no carpet, actually no sinks (well a sink in the garage to brush your teeth and do your hair). In a short few weeks it was all put together but winter came along I didn't get all the painting done, it was too cold to paint - HA. So now that's it very hot and muggy I am finishing it up. It seems I cannot go out in the garden and work in the mornings because I look like I have the measles by evening - some sort of bug bites, hmmmm. Anyway back to the painting. Today I was working on my sewing room closet and found these goodies. Now my old computer died from a gigantic bolt of lighting two years ago and I haven't use these things since then and I cannot seem to remember what they are for, do you think it safe to toss them????
I have finished one little quilt for the quilt show this weekend! By tonight I will have the pattern done and can start on the second. Tomorrow I will have just a little sneak peak because I know you all are waiting by your computer to see them - you will just love them!!

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