Sunday, July 11, 2010


At least 70 years ago, in the hills of Arkansas, family and friends of Nina Goforth sat around their tables or on their couches and embroidery flowers and their name on a plain muslin square of fabric. Several of the women took those squares and set them together in soft green and cream fabrics. The other ladies sat around a quilting frame and hand quilted the lovely top to a piece of muslin backing.

Fast forward to 40 years ago, a sick young girl in California had to be still and lay in bed all day, her mom took that quilt out of the linen closet and covered her up. The young girl hated being sick and hated being still so she would spend hours looking at each square with the pretty embroidery flowers and trying to figure out the people that embroidered each one. She knew Aunt Bill, Aunt Roxie,, Aunt Ola why she had been to Aunt Ola's house down in Fresno. In fact she loved going to Aunt Ola's house, she made the most wonderful candies at Christmas time. Do you remember the ribbon candy, peanut brittle and rocky road treats?

The young girl grew up, married and had children of her own. She became a quilter and a cross-stitcher and made all kinds of wonderful things but often when she went to visit her mother she would see that quilt and would think she should copy it and have one for herself, but how could you copy all the loving work that went into by so many different women?
Fast forward to six years ago when the mother came to Oklahoma to visit the daughter and brought a most loving present.......

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