Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Master Chef!

Good morning!
I have been outside and its pretty nice, hopefully it won't be so very hot today. I have a beautiful hanging plant, when its full of blooms I will show it to you, but I have to water it almost 3 times a day during this heat.
When our kids were little I would buy crates of fruit and dry it all. I would slice up peaches and put them on the wooden trays, cover them with cheesecloth and stack them in the backyard. My husband would cover the stack with a cardboard box and light a sulfur fire (in a tin can) underneath it. The sulfur fire would burn all night - I'm sure the neighbors just loved it. Then I would freeze it all for the winter - HA I don't remember it lasting for about a few weeks. One thing a person has to remember about dried fruit - 4 pieces = 2 whole peaches, 8 pieces = 4 whole peaches, a lot of bathroom time. Anyway this week at Wal-Mart the peaches were pretty cheap so I dug out my little dryer. OHHH my house smells like peach pie - YUM they should be ready around 8 this morning. They have to stay in this little thing for 14 hours. Well, thats about all the cooking tips you will see on this blog - its not fun to cook if you can't use - sugar, butter, cream or any other ingrediants that would make some delicious food!
Ohhhhh wait until you see the new quilt I am working on, it has the most beautiful fall colors......

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