Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday I decided to start the last big painting job in this house - my closet! I have a large large closet and when we moved into the house everything was placed very carefully into it!! So everything had to come out so I could paint. You would be amazed at all the beautiful things that were very carefully stored in there - ha. This pitcher and bowl set was purchased so many years ago. Every fall we would go for a ride to the mountains to a place call Apple Hill. A bunch of apple and pear farmers got together and came up with an idea how to sell and promote their produce. The wives made apple pies, donuts, jelly, cider and sold it all in their barns or at little roadside stands. I still can remember the hot donuts and cold cider! Before long it grew into miles of fun attractions - train rides, craft vendors and then it got too big and too crowded. But when we first started to go, one apple farm had some local vendors in their barn. One lady sold these sets. I love bowls and especially if they have a pitcher to go with it. One day I will show you all the bowls I have! The quilt is a new pattern - one of those that can be done in a day. It is a simple spool pattern - one of my favorite blocks!

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Alcaligenesv said...

So pretty! I love the quilt! Makes me want to go grab a good book and a cup of coffee and snuggle under it on the couch.