Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miss Millie

Good afternoon!

Today I want to introduce you to Miss Emily Tate. When I get to go visit my aunt I no more hit the door when the phone rings and Miss Emily is telling us to come right over! She tells my aunt, "You bring that girl right over here and don't you waste any time Millicent!" So over we go!

Miss Emily lives in cute little white house right dab in the center of town. She has lavender flowers down the sidewalk, up the sidewalk, in front of the fences, around the house and even in hanging in baskets on the front porch. Oh my has she prepared a feast for us, the table is full of goodies and for dessert fresh strawberries! Of course she has made oatmeal cookies just for me! After we eat and visit awhile she takes us to her quilting room to see all the wonderful quilts she is working on. She has her fabric neatly stacked in lavender painted cabinets all along the wall and on the opposite wall she has quilts in progress. Miss Emily is all about helping others out so she makes quilts to raise money for any good cause in town or just to share with someone in need. She always hands me a little dainty fabric sack full of all her leftover pieces of fabric to make sure I have something to work on while I stay at Aunt Millie's. With a twinkle in her eye she says, "Honey I thought about you when I was filling up this sack, I know you can make something very special with all these scraps!"
Well of course I can, of course its going to have to have a lavender theme.......

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