Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss Millie

Miss Etta Mae! What a sweetie, she is all about lace, ribbons, old buttons and little treasures. I love going to visit her, believe me its very hard to leave her lovely home!
Miss Etta Mae lives above the quilt store in a darling little apartment but once you step inside, its like you stepped back in time. She has beautiful hand made rag rugs covering the wood floors, frilly little curtains (and I might add - very clean windows), beautiful lace doilies on the tables, fresh flowers here and there.
She loves to take bits of fabric, lace, ribbons and buttons and make little treasures. It would take a whole day just to see everything! Her quilts are very precious, they are always very soft colors and I might add the quilting is beautiful. She is very generous, when you come to visit she always has a little gift for you to carry home.

Watch in the coming months for quilts featuring Miss Millie's friends. Tomorrow watch for a sneak picture of Miss Millie and the quilt I made just for her......

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