Friday, July 16, 2010


Good morning!
Its Friday and its HOT and MUGGY....
Back home I had a pretty nice garden. I loved to go out in the morning before the family woke and pull weeds, check on the flowers, eat veggies right off the vine, water and enjoy the quiet. Now I couldn't spend too much money on the garden had to keep the kids fed. But here I am with a beautiful piece of land and I could have flowers all over the place. Only one problem when I go out in this weather I get eaten up by some bug I can't even see or I get sick from the heat!
Yesterday I had to go to Norman and get some things accomplished for the quilt show and by the time I got home I was feeling pretty wimpy. I even had the air on in my truck! I used to have a little red convertible (before I got married) so I actually like driving with the windows down. By nightfall I was pretty sick! Husband said you are going to have to stay out of the heat and remember to eat lunch (when I go to town I forget to eat).
So now I have to leave the mowing to him and only go out in the evening to tend to the veggie garden, BUT there is always plan b, make more quilts (like that's hard to do) and add some lovely flowers here and there -- sounds like a very good idea to me.....
Have a wonderful weekend, stay cool and well!

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