Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thinking cool thoughts!

Good morning,
I went outside to go for a walk and turned around and came back in - I might have melted out there! I had my camera all packed to take with me today. On my trip I will pass over a lake and I was going to take some cooling pictures to show you this afternoon. Did you know, according to my friend Debra, every lake in Oklahoma is man made? Thank goodness they decided to make some lakes for us! I like going to OKC to see Lake Hefner and the river than runs along I-40. They have boat races there. You know, I was born in California and we have rivers, lakes and even an ocean! When I miss seeing all of that I remember the traffic we had to go through to get to it! Really it was worth it though, California has a lot of beautiful places to visit. . Anyway I decided this piece of fabric might give you cool thoughts this morning - Well anyway not to waste a piece of fabric on a photo this is going to be part of another little quilt, it will be for the month of January. I bet you already knew that................

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