Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well the calender finally caught up with me, I have been celebrating fall for awhile now. The only sad thing about the forest we live in, the trees do NOT turn any color at all. The new little trees that I have planted will turn pretty colors but this year they were lucky just to keep their leaves. My husband is stuck working 12 hour days for awhile so I have been hard at work on my First Ladies project. I have a rough draft of the big quilt drawn out, I like it very much so far. I started working on the Lady Washington little quilt, very nice. We are so lucky to have such beautiful fabrics to work with now days, a big improvement from feed sacks!!!
The day before yesterday I had an interesting experience. The door bell rang and I thought it was the UPS man, he usually rings the bell and drops the package and takes off. I went out front to get the package and there was a man staring in the back window! YUK - he took off running and backed his raggy old car out the driveway, surprise he didn't hit a tree or too. So now we have to install a big fancy gate and until my husband gets done with all this overtime I have to stay home and protect my computer! Really, these people need to go get a job and leave our homes alone because now I have to get dressed and answer the door - working in ones pj's is so wonderful................

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Sue H said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had fun looking at your blog and checking out your patterns on ETSY -- very cute.