Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Bit More of Forth Worth....

When we go to Texas we head straight down I-35 pass all the exciting sights that sightseers would pull over and take a look at (I'm trying to be funny - HA) actually the only thing that I have ever wondered about was a sign that says, Fried Pie's. This place is out in the middle of nowhere, they would have to travel 3 hours just to get four and butter to make the pies! This trip down we decided to actually slow down, get off the freeway and check these pies out. Bad mistake...... my goodness, good thing they are far away, far far away. We each bought two, just because we couldn't decide on which one we wanted. Husband had apple and blackberry and I had cherry and chocolate. That was our morning snack and lunch!
Here are two more lovely quilts from the quilt show. My job today is trying to get a picture taken of a new quilt.
But I did take time this morning to figured out if I sold 4,000 patterns I could get one of those wonderful quilting machines but then I would have to get a new house for it to fit in. The sales lady told me that a lot of women put them in the garage. I told her my husband's hotrod and my truck go in the garage. She told me it would be ok to move them outside. I told her I would be moved outside................

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