Thursday, September 9, 2010

Favorite Fall Day...

Do you have a fall day that absolutely sticks forever in your memory? I have a few since I love fall so much. In a town that was next to our little country town were folks from the German Baptist Church. They are somewhat like the Amish but a little less conservative. The ladies wore dresses from all different types of materials but always used the same pattern. They had little caps, the women that had lost their husbands wore black ones. They all pretty much drove very nice vehicles instead of buggies. Once a year in the fall, one family opened their barn for the Big Red Barn Sale. Oh my goodness it was wonderful. I had a friend that went and stayed the whole day!

It would be all rainy and foggy outside but inside it was warm and cozy. Hay was scattered all over the floor, popcorn popping all day, homemade hot apple cider and chicken and homemade noodles cooking, yum. They had quilts for sale, wood furniture for sale, almonds for sale, homemade cheese for sale and on and on and on. A few years later they moved to a fancy metal barn and for some reason it just wasn't the same. I'm glad I got to enjoy the real thing! They probably where happy with a new barn!
This is a new quilt for Autumn, it is 36 x 36" and is perfect for fall decorating!


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