Friday, September 24, 2010


Of course Friday could be considered the best day of the week, you know last day of work, a weekend to look forward to, maybe go out to dinner and the husband is home all weekend - you know we love that football noise! Husband has been working long days so I have my chores all done and hopefully he doesn't have to work tomorrow! He told me when he first started the 12 hour days that he was going to buy a new phone and I could have the rest of the money to buy fabric (you know I was doing a happy dance in my little head), last night he was rethinking his offer (the happy dance in my head started to do a slow waltz). 12 hour days start adding up really quickly!! My goal really though is to go down to the Houston quilt show. I got to go once and I loved it. I looked last night to see how much a flight is - do you know it cost more to fly from Oklahoma to Texas than Oklahoma to California???? I heard about a bus that comes from Iowa or some state up north to Houston, I wonder if they would stop on the Interstate and pick me up??
I got the first paper done on my First Ladies project - I even like the font! I am thinking I am going to have all the research done long before I have all the projects done. I started the research yesterday on Abigail Adams, a very interesting lady!
Well you all have a wonderful weekend! You know what we get to do tomorrow if the husband is home - put on a big gate and buy a big DOG - kidding, but husband wants a big mean dog now.....

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