Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Organized....

I am trying to get my little sewing space neat, organized and clean... I work for awhile and then I see this outstanding block on my little design wall and I stop and say I will sew for just a few minutes... My new quilt Love Letters is awesome, only because the fabric is so wonderful. It is amazing to me how a block that looks so hard sews together so quickly. This morning before the husband woke up I got the main block put together, now I have to work on the setting strips, but now I have to go do some necessary chores.
This afternoon I want to work on my little wool piece. I found the floss and a needle that might work so I want to try sewing the little pumpkins down.

Did I ever tell you that someday I want to write a little book? I like to do a book about 9 x 9 inches. I would like the first little book to be about fall. All these ideas are forming in my little head so I think I am going to start writing them down and drawing pictures of things that I would like to have in the book. The first picture I would have in the book would be walking into the front door of a home and greeting you would be a big old pine table with a vase of fall flowers
and an absolutely wonderful quilted table runner (that I designed of course! :) ) be underneath & hanging down.I can just see it so clearly, so I need to get these ideas down before they disappear!
Last night we were watching my favorite show - Texas Reporter (about a man that goes around Texas interviewing people) and he was visiting with a lady that was 90 years old that has a dream about her book being publish. She just keeps writing and rewriting and never gives up. So I am going to give it a try too.
Well you all have a great day and a great weekend. One day this week we are going on a little trip for vacation. We have decided that Idaho might be a good state to move to so in November
I am going to fly out and meet with a real estate lady and have a look around. It seems to be a great place and only 600 miles to our son's front door and a little further to the daughter's front door. I am finally getting just a little excited - moving home, well a little closer to home......

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