Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Friday morning to you.....

Another beautiful fall day in store for us! I believe God is blessing everyone with a great fall after such a hot summer! Yesterday my job was to write patterns and work on cleaning my little sewing room. I started off great until I picked up this bundle of fabric. I had a pattern drawn out and thought I might just try a block to see if I liked it. Three different colors of fabric and four hours later I settled on this combo. I found the material with beautiful handwriting on it a few weeks ago and had stored it with some browns but I am loving it with these greens and pinks. Of course a name just popped out for the quilt - Love Letters
After dinner I did work on some patterns and sort of cleaned my room - I can find the top of the cutting table anyway.....
Next week the husband is home and we will be busy but as least I have a good start on two new quilts!
Have a great Friday - and a great weekend!!

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D. Leigh said...

I like it, too! But then, I love blocks that hint toward the set on point aspect. It leads my eye around the block rather happily!