Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Bird....

Many years ago the designer from Crossed Wing Collections gave me this little kit of a little bitty bird. The cross stitch is done on silk gauze with one strand of silk thread. I got it done last year but finally found a little frame to put it in. Today I finally got a mat cut for it. One thing good about it, if I missed a stitch you probably won't notice. ( 1" x 1")
When I was at the quilt store today, I was telling the ladies about my First Ladies project and they thought someone here in Oklahoma had done a block of the month featuring the First Ladies. I came home and started to search, well I didn't find someone from OK but I did find another quilter that did a book on the First Ladies. Very different from what I had in mind but the sad part about the whole thing she died this last June. I will put my project away for now, I really enjoyed learning about our First Ladies but I am sure there is another project just waiting for me to discover!
Tomorrow I will show you a picture of my wool purchase, I can see this could be trouble for the pocket book!!

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D. Leigh said...

You have made me want to pull out my cross stitching again! Thank you for that! It has been far to long since I have induldged with DMC thread in one hand and linen in the other ..... This "little" bird is adorable!!