Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 Pieces of Wool, thats all I thought I needed! Hand dyed wool is wonderful and its only 20 minutes from my house! Its a very good thing I am very disciplined - HA! I think what I love about it, beside the colors and texture, is that I can draw something, cut and it works. You don't have to worry about it fitting into something. I guess that is why wool designers love it so much.

Well this is what I made for my pillow. I thought I would just make a pillow that was on the fall blog hop this week but I guess I needed to add my own little twist. I have the thread packed away so I will need to unpack it but I'm not sure what kind of needle you use so I will have to learn all the details before I sew it together. I also need to get a little more wool for the border and backing.
Thank-you for the nice comments yesterday. I still love to cross-stitch and this time of year I try to finish up projects. Its been so nice lately I have been outside trying to finish up brick and grass projects. We are going to put the house up for sale at some point so I need to get as much grass planted and growing as I can before winter sets in.
Well I have to work on some projects for Houston quilt market today, no more playing with wool or fabric for this week. ):
Have an awesome day!!

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