Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sssssh - be very very very quiet.......

Got up at 5 this morning so I could work on my houses before we have to get ready for church. These are getting to be very fun indeed! They are 5 x 9 so it won't take long to get a nice long strip of them made. AND they haven't even made a dent in the scrap pile. I could have gotten more done yesterday but I had to stop and clean the house and then we took a hike. Yes, a hike, remember I live in the woods so its up and down hills so I call that a hike not a walk. My husband likes animals and I guess they like him. All the dogs came to their fences to say hi and 5 horses tried to follow us home........... Have a fun Sunday!

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D. Leigh said...

*clapping hands* This just gets better and better!!! Your scrap quilt is really coming along! We live in a special area. Our street is merely a 1/2 mile from Busy Street USA, but you would never know it! Horses and cattle down the street. Horses, a donkey, chikens and ducks up the street ... our very own country type Utopia. The horses love to follow my two grandkidlets while we are walking, too ... and the kiddos love it!