Monday, October 25, 2010

Time for Fall Bedding....

I am guessing fall is here to stay now
so this morning I put the fall quilt on the
bed. My favorite bed - the first bed my husband and I bought is in the guest room. I still love it, it is a pine 4-poster with big pineapples on top of each post. It is one of those beds you have to have 3 steps to get into. A few years back I got so sick I couldn't even get into it so I pulled a blanket off and crawled underneath and went to sleep - pretty sad story don't you think??? Well the husband said enough he was tired of the bed anyway and so we went to town and found this beautiful wood bed. Its pretty fancy for me, I do enjoy sitting on it to put my shoes on though.
My very favorite kind of quilt to make are applique quilts but they can take years and this one did. I think it took me 2 years but I enjoyed every stitch. I wish my mom could have quilted it for me, she use to quilt all my quilts but stopped quilting awhile back. I wish I could show you a quilt I made for her - do you remember the Conway Album quilt? I made it for her 70th birthday and she quilted every 1/8th inch of the whole quilt. Just beautiful. I had a machine quilter quilt this for me and it is so lovely. I love feathers and tomorrow I will show you some lovely feathers on a new quilt of mine. Enjoy your Monday :)

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