Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friendly Flying.....

Good morning!
I had such a great trip to Idaho! The mountains are beautiful and anytime your best friend is with you good times are to be had! Yesterday when we flying home they started moving people from the back of the plane to the middle. I have flown a lot and I have never seen that happen! But when we landed I saw we had a guest on the tail! I am surprise they didn't make all of us move closer to the front - HA. Frontier Airlines is always fun to fly - if your flight is over 2 hours you receive a free Chocolate Chip cookie, yes a cookie! You know airlines just don't share their food with you anymore so having this cookie is extra special..... None of my flights where that long so I missed out on their homemade cookies but Leslie and Dale found a cookie shop so we made up for my lost. Coming home last night, on my last leg of the trip about 40 minutes of flight time they came around and handed us each a cookie! Now how special was that???
Its good to be home and seeing my big red truck waiting for me at the airport was great and the cowboy driving it was good too..... I rented a little bitty red Chevy car and I drove it all around looking for a new home, but when the friends showed up they had a nice new SUV for me to ride in. Its nice to be up even with other cars not feeling like they are going to ride right over the top of you! I had pizza two nights in a row, boy oh boy do they have great pizza there and Dale sent me home with the leftovers so I had some last night and I have one more piece for lunch today. All in all between the good cookies and best pizza ever I think I could live there very nicely..........

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