Monday, November 29, 2010


Well we only have a few days left until the children leave. Been enjoying them. Julianne bought a game, you make this tower out of little wood pieces and have to remove them one by one without knocking the tower over. It has taken the place of my favorite game Chicken Foot but you know men, they like building and watching it falling apart I guess. I have been stitching early in the morning while everyone sleeps, finishing up some old projects. The guys took off to see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Jul and I get to go to Hobby Lobby and look at the Christmas Trees. I think I will wait a week until I destroy the house and put all the Christmas stuff up. I would love to get about 10 new cross stitch ornaments made for the tree this year anyway.
I hope you enjoyed reading my little book. I love to draw little dollies and have tried several on my first quilts. I have been do some drawing for a new book and I am thinking of using a lot of muslin. I love the softness and the color of it.
Have a great week, December will be here this week!

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