Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Very Quiet.....

The husband and son took the daughter to the airport this morning. Saying goodbye is too hard for me so I stayed behind and took down all the fall decorations. The house is so quiet, tomorrow I have to get good and busy sewing to keep my mind off of the quietness. It will take a couple of days to get back to normal. The husband will be home for a few extra days and that will help.
I finished one Christmas stocking this morning and trying my hand at coffee dyeing some cross stitch fabric to make another snowman. There are some darling snowman patterns out right now and of course I have to try to get them all done. Tomorrow I will show you a picture of the Christmas stocking - I love it. Not sure how to finish it though.
I took this picture out my bedroom window this afternoon. Jerry says its a hawk - glad he's enjoying the cool breeze but tomorrow its going to be 60.......

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