Friday, November 19, 2010

The Rest of The Prize....

I had a chance to go through all the treasures that Where Women Create sent to me. I love the bag, its soft and I think will great to carry my knitting around in. I had a chance to look through one of the magazines last night, it was absolutely wonderful! I sent thank you notes to the people that were involved in this wonderful gift but I don't really think they will understand how much I will treasure it! Our daughter called last night to remind her mother she was coming in Monday night, somehow I thought it was Tuesday night. SO that means I have to be done sewing by 4 pm Monday so the good fairy can come and work his magic on my sewing room. I got one quilt pretty much put together this morning and after I clean the bathrooms I can start on the other one. I have exactly 100 hours left........ are you trying to figure out if I counted that right - because really I only took a guess ----- have a wonderful day!!

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matate10 said...

What a wonderful prize. I can't tell what a lot of it is, but it looks like lace and jewels and trinkets and lots of special little things I know you will find a use for! Have a great time with your family!!

Mary Ann