Thursday, November 18, 2010


I won a prize - me the person that has never won anything. I hear about people wining things and I have learned to be very happy for them, its true, when I hear that someone has won the lottery I smile and my heart is very happy - did you hear about that couple in their 80's that won the lottery back east? So great. Back to my prize. When I entered my Lone Star quilt in Amy's online quilt show I just thought it was the greatest thing. I was wanting to go to Houston this year and see the Baltimore Album quilts so badly but just couldn't manage it so when Amy had her quilt show I entered a quilt. I enjoyed it so much, and even met some nice ladies that left a comment about the quilt.
A few weeks later she sent me an email stating I had won a prize. Today the doorbell rang and I thought it was the kitchen sink faucet parts that we need so badly (been doing dishes in the garage for a week) and there was this lovely box - can you see the label? And my goodness it was very heavy. Three of these beautiful magazines and all kinds of other goodies that I will show you tomorrow after I take it all in. I love these magazines but I haven't purchased any because I spend all my money on fabric to make quilts for my little business.
I think this prize was well worth the wait. Can you believe this month?? I was asked to do a book with my quilts, I got to go to Idaho and spend a whole day with a dear friend and now this - how many days are left in the month - maybe just maybe I should try the lottery, does Oklahoma even have a lottery...............

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D. Leigh said...

Congratulations!!!! I, too, share a boat with you in forever smiling and blowing kisses at those who win (smootch!)

I have thumbed through the "Where Women Create" magazine at Borders .... It is a lovely magazine with loads of ideas, and you should enjoy it as well.

Can't wait to see your other goodies!