Saturday, May 14, 2011

My View......

This is the little yellow house across the street from us. Do you think the tree has outgrown the yard a little?
This is May 14th and it has finally leafed out and it is beautiful - but I am glad its not in my yard! I can only imagine how many leaves it drops in the fall.
My friend CeCe came today and took me to a nursery. Beautiful trees and plants. They had Dogwood trees and they were in full bloom. I will buy one for the front yard when the house gets done. She also brought a variety of ribbons for me to use to finish my pincushions. One or two weeks I should be done embroidering and then I get to sew them into little pillows. The ribbons she brought are all hand dyed and they are lovely. In a week or so I am going to her office and we will try to match the ribbons to the wool colors. She ruched the ribbon and then applies to the edge of the pillows. On some of her pincushions she used double ribbons - going to try that out for sure. Well maybe this week sometime I can share a picture of the foundation of our new home - any day now they are going to start digging - very exciting!
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

Wow! That is a huge tree!

It sounds like a lot of fun you are having with Cece. I look forward to seeing your pillows.

ytsmom said...

Please tell CeCe I got the threads and they are beautiful. Thanks again!