Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pick A Project........

I started looking at quilt patterns to pick something new for our bed for the new house when I remembered this project. I probably put it away unfinished because the colors aren't my favorite but it really needs to get finished. I am pretty good about finishing things..... This was a block of the month and it will be my last block of the month only because I cannot choose the colors. I did change some of the colors, added more rose and pinks and less blue. The border fabric they sent is absolutely stunning so I need to get the blocks finished and sew the border on. Maybe that will help it a bit.

Today I have the window open in front of my work area, it has finally warmed up a bit. The little yellow house across the street has pink and yellow flowers blooming. The little older lady that lives there can barely mow the lawn, I haven't seen her working in the flower beds at all. The next house has this large bush with lavender flowers all along the fence, not sure what that is. The air smells so good, I am thinking we might have a clothes line when we get moved. We asked someone about ceiling fans and she looked at me and said WHY, we just open the windows! I love it, fresh air all day long!

Elizabeth Ann

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Lori said...

I love teh quilt and the colors are veyr pretty too! I can't wait to see the border fabric.