Monday, June 27, 2011


I was sitting very quietly, stitching away on my Prairie Schooler project, nursing my stuffy head, blowing my noise, coughing when all of a sudden a snowman Internet attack hit my computer. Little snowmen came flying out all over the room - OK I guess my stuffy head is getting the best of me.

But I have been worn that certain people can stitch Christmas ornaments faster than I can. So what is a girl suppose to do? Put the flip flops on, head down to Michael's, get the floss, dig through all the boxes find a pattern and some linen. Now I could say that I have a big disadvantage because everything I own is packed and I have no cross-stitch store around so it is difficult to stitch a lot of ornaments but then the opposing team will tell you that she has 4 kids and has to work! So I guess the playing field is pretty level. (Maybe a little more in my favor). Watch for the first Christmas ornament tomorrow!

Elizabeth Ann