Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love Letters......

I love old postcards and old Valentine cards.  Do
you remember picking out your
Valentine cards to hand out at school?
It was a very big decision for me and we
had to decorate a paper sack so everyone
could drop a card in it during the big
party. Fun!  I wonder if kids still do that or is it
 too old fashion now.........
Anyway here are my Valentine postcards
for this year.  I made them so you
can hang them across a window, or across
a doorway or just on the wall.
They were fun to do!
Maybe you have a dear friend you would
like to send one to this year.....
The pattern will be ready on Friday!
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

It is absolutely adorable!!

Carol said...

Adorable Valentines!! You are so creative :)

diamondc said...

This is such a lovely idea grown-up valentines, I love your idea.