Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Days.....

Marysville, WA yesterday.

Middleton, ID now...

Snow has finally arrived.  I told my
dear friend in Washington to keep it all
for herself but by daylight it was here.

I took one of my grandma's old old quilts
and made two very large comfy pillows for
my window seat.  The quilt is just falling
apart but the pillows are just
for decoration and for
me to enjoy everyday.

Now I need to find some foam to make the seat
and some curtain material.
I guess it is a perfect day for a window seat, a
good book and some hot chocolate!
Elizabeth Ann


sunny said...

Still waiting for snow here. But if I did have snow, I would want to be curled up in your cozy window seat with some hot chocolate, and my crocheting. Or maybe sewing down the binding on a quilt. Love the pillow!

Tammy said...

What a great idea to turn the quilt into a pillow so you can still enjoy it. Minus 10, 10 inches of snow and 50 mph nor'ester winds here in Lynden! Yes, indeed, winter is here.

Carol said...

Your pillows are so charming, Liz--I love that you re-used your grandma's old quilts. Love your snow photos, too--there is nothing like looking out at a fresh snowfall, is there?

Lori said...

Love the pillow and it is a great way to enjoy it.
Snow Snow everywhere....except here! :(