Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Days before your first book signing.....

Trying to keep calm,
doing all the necessary things before
one goes out in public,
new clothes,
maybe some new shoes
other things one shouldn't mention
on this computer,
but you understand.
When you work from home,
from 5am to 7pm,
certain things just are
forgotten about....
I got a proof from the printer
yesterday, its pretty cool how
that picture will be right on that gold
paper, and to save computer time the printer
told me how to put that gold around the
picture, so I am going back through
all the covers and changing them out.
I also re-read and made corrections.
I love my business name because I love
sunflowers but sometimes it's just
a little too long, if you should
take a closer look at the back
of that cover where I type in my
blog address I forgot a few words.......
I am still working on my
guest room quilt, this could take a little while....
Happy Tuesday!
Elizabeth Ann


Doreen said...

I canNOT even imagine.....I know I wouldn't be sleeping a wink! This is, truly, the fruit of your labor. Yay! Thank you for taking us all along on your fab dream journey! Huge hugs, Doreen

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Elizabeth A-How exciting for you!! Your patterns are beautiful and I wish you the best! Your guest room quilt is gorgeous! E.

matate10 said...

Doin' the happy dance in Oklahoma!
Mary Ann

Lori said...

Isn't that the sweetest?!
Glad you got the proof!!

Tatkis said...

Great news about your book signing!


Carol said...

What an exciting time in your life, Liz--enjoy :)

Patty C. said...

Enjoy your book signing !!!
I can't wait to see that guest room quillt ;)