Friday, June 22, 2012


Meet Mr. September -
no he's not a swim suit model,
he's a teacher!
That's a book under his wing,
not sure if I can improve
on his glasses or not.
I will see when I start
to do the embroidery.
Went to take
pictures of the
Summer pillow this
morning.  We have a
beautiful entryway to our
sub-division, full of flowers,
trees and rocks.
Got a very good picture, BUT
one of the flowers was missing.
It fell on the driveway
and everyone was driving
over it on their way out!
Silly people, they
have the whole road and
they have to drive over
a one inch wool flower!
Been spending way too much
time in the pool, not getting too much
done here.
Have to get the little birdies
done though.
Cindy's Quilt Shop is going
to offer a Woolly Birdie of
the month kit.
I hope your summer is very
enjoyable - I'm having way too much fun...
Happy Friday to you all.....
Elizabeth Ann


Lori said...

I think you are having too much fun! That's great and so is your Mr teacher bird:)

Carol said...

Very cute, Liz--he is looking quite professorial with those glasses :) That is great that the quilt shop will be offering a wooly bird each month!

Dianne said...

Sounds like you're enjoying your new home and subdivision there! That's great. I'm loving all your new projects!