Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Country ABC's.....

 Thank you for all the kind comments about the Country ABC's and if you are ready to see C....

here he is
C is for Canadian Goose.
I remember when every good
country home had a picture
of a goose or a goose on the front
porch or a wooden goose
in the house.
This is the only goose I will have
around but he's pretty cute
so I will keep him out this fall.
Tonight I will have the husband draw
a number and when the patterns
are done I will mail one out to one of
you sweet ladies that left a comment!
On to D......
Elizabeth Ann


Patti said...

Canadian Goose! I never would have guessed, but love him all the same ;) I still thrill at the sight of a big "V" in the sky. My sons aren't big fans as we have a problem with them in the suburbs of Chicago - they love to take over the soccer, baseball and football fields and leave little gifts lol. Since I don't play, I can still enjoy! Can't wait to see your "D"!
Blessings, Patti

Patty C. said...

That goose looks great on the red background ;)

Carol said...

Ah, of course!! I well remember when every cross stitch country pattern included one of these guys... Your C pillow is adorable, Liz :)