Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning....

B is for Basket Full of Flowers
is done and joins A

and I am starting C.
If anyone can guess what
I am embroidering for C, I will
send the first person to guess correctly,
 a pattern for A,B,C when
they are printed.
These are quick and fun to do,
would make the perfect gift for your
country friend to decorate with....

We have cooled off a bit
and I have been enjoying my
gardens.  My tomatoes are actually
getting ripe and so far I haven't lost a
single plant.  Every year I would get my
plants going good in OK and then we
would get a big storm or some nasty bugs
and lose them all.  Hopefully I can
keep this garden going all summer.
Have a great week!
Elizabeth Ann


Patti said...

I am guessing that "C" is for Cat. Love the first two!
Blessings, Patti
p.s. Oh gosh, if it is a garden theme, I hope it is not carrot instead...

marie said...

Well, Patti already guessed "cat" so I will say "carrots". Love your patterns.

Lori said...

My guess is Corn! Dumb, I know, but mine is the tallest in the neighborhood! lol

Carol said...

How cute, Liz! I was going to say "corn," too, but since Lori already said it, I will say "Cow!"