Friday, July 13, 2012

Country A B C's In Wool......

A is for Acorn Squash
Little hearts of wool,
will be fun to decorate with this fall.
These have been so much
fun to draw out and stitch.

It was 108 in Boise yesterday,
I heard the news at the pool last night.
I was perfectly cool, sitting by my fan
and stitching away most of the day.

The weekend is almost here.
I'm excited for next week to arrive.
The new book will be coming into the warehouse
on the 16th and I see Barnes & Noble and
Amazon has picked it up already.
When I receive my copies I will be
sharing one with one of you dear people....
Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Ann


Tatkis said...

Charming heart - colours are perfect!


Carol said...

108!! Oh, my--I can't imagine!! Do hope it has cooled off a bit by now. It must be exciting to see your book spreading across the country :)

Cute little Acorn heart--are you going to do the whole alphabet?