Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scary Spiders........

First of all,
got the husband to draw
a name
can you see that?
Its Judy,
send me an address
and I will get a pattern mailed
out to you
if your ready to see
some scary spiders -
here they are.....

pretty scary haunted mansion??
ok so its not so haunted
but it was fun to
make those spiders.
And -
look the bats have eyes
now and so do the spiders.
One more to go,
I hope I can get it
done for the show this
I will be signing books & patterns on
Saturday at the Boise Quilt Show
and on Sunday I will be
at Quilt Expressions signing
books and patterns.....
Hope to see you there!
Elizabeth Ann


Happy Valley Primitives said...

Congratulations Judy!

Have fun at your book signing this weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun...not to mention, a great shopping opportunity!


Judy said...

Such cute designs. I don't live anywhere near Boise, or I'd be at that show. Enjoy

Judy, heartland stitcher

Judy said...

I have been trying to contact you by email----but keep getting a no delivery and I cannot get to you through your contact on your blog either. I think I am the winner of your pattern giveawy. If you have time to contact me, it is Thanks for the opportunity...I would be so excited to have one of your adorable patterns.

Judy heartland stitcher